Port Douglas 1a_S1wRick and his friend Graham recently hosted their annual AUSCRS conference here.

The location is sublime!

The hotel has had a complete refurb.  A diva who never gets old, just more work.  The Mirage has just had a $40 million guzzle from the fountain of youth. This superstar has shaken off her pastel pink 80s chic past.

The hotel put the small town of Port Douglas on the map. The Mirage had a scandalous youth thanks to business man, Christopher Skase.

Port Douglas Sheraton 4_S1w

The resort is known for its sprawling lagoon pools, crocodile friendly golf course, rain forest setting and box jellyfish inhabited surf.

Don’t swim at the beach, no matter what time of the year or what locals tell you. You can get stung by a box jelly fish or eaten by a crocodile any time of year.

Set in heavy rain forest, somehow this hotel has not been taken back by the wilderness. You should avoid being taken by the wild life who live within it.

The crocodiles are the real deal so stick to the pool and don’t be crocodile bait.

Port Douglas 4a_S1w

Port Douglas Sheraton 6_S1wAll of that aside, this is one of the most relaxing places in Australia to holiday. It’s warm and really pretty. The hotel buffet is beautiful for breakfast and lunch.

We like to book a poolside cabana and chill.  Hit Salsa in Pour Douglas for dinner.

Charter a boat out to the Great Barrier Reef or take one of the diving tours.  Visit the crocodile park and Mossman Gorge.




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