When your friends mention they know of a speakeasy-style bar, inspired by the days of Prohibition, I’m like… OK, keep talking!
The secret entrance to the surprisingly opulent Fall From Grace cellar bar is at the back of State Of Grace restaurant on Collins Street, Melbourne.  The entrance is hidden behind a bookcase that can only be accessed if you pull on the right book. Visually, not disappointing snapchatters!


The bookcase swings open and you are met by a grandiose, marble staircase overlooking the stunning bar, lit by chandeliers.
I had been a little worried before we arrived. My imagination had pictured a god forsaken tourist trap with the authenticity of a Disney cowboys and indians burger joint.

Luckily I was wrong! This place is the real deal!
Bang in the middle of the right end of town (if you love a man in a suit girls), namely the New York end of Collins street. It’s super gorgeous and the vibe is very ‘Friday afternoon drinkies’!



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