Eau De Vie Melbourne is a cosy establishment hidden in an unassuming laneway in Melbourne’s CBD.

We walk straight past the entrance trying to find the door… every time we go.

The bar is frequented by our local aristocratic riffraff, attractive women and swanky, well-mannered fellows.

You are able to book for two or more people and best that you do so.  I don’t object to people lining up at a club, unless it’s outside.  Well worth the humble pie if you can’t be seated straight away.


The bar is best known for its ‘out of this world’ quirky cocktails, the preparation of which is nothing less than theatrical.

There is so much dry ice being used to chill and thrill you may feel like you’re on the set of the Phantom of the Opera!

I love the liquid nitrogen tap on the bar. “Shaken not stirred” can be enjoyed without the awful intrusion of melted ice diluting your cocktail.


This little pearl of a bar has a sister bar in Sydney that I absolutely loved going to when I lived there!  You will meet the most fabulous local jetsetters!

Put this bar first with a gold star emoji on your travel itinerary!



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