Heaven on Earth!

Icebergs Dining Room and Bar is one of the most romantic restaurants in the world. Maurice Terzini never gets it wrong – the menu does not disappoint!  Valet park your car, smile for the paparazzi, who are a permanent fixture outside, and try not to lose your cool when you see the view!  The restaurant is floor to ceiling glass windows right on the rocks of Bondi Beach overlooking Iceberg’s swimming pool.  At lunch time, rub shoulder pads with international superstars and badly hungover local elite.  Order a glass of sunshine, also known as Cocktail 147, and enjoy the ultra glam vibe.  At dinner time, the mood swings to romance and couple canoodling.  Not to say you can’t take a crew, however I like to spend the evening here just with my Woofa.



If you’re looking for fun or a dysfunctional relationship this is the place to find it!

This is one of my favourite little bars to meet up with friends and have a laugh.  The food is great, the vibe is chilled and the locals are hilarious.

Double Bay has been nicknamed Double Cross because it is getting the overflow from the lockout laws introduced in Kings Cross’s vibrant nightclubs and bars.  I am personally happy to start and finish in Double Bay. It’s less hectic and has several venues you can bar hop to and from.


I strongly recommend Sippy Hour Friday afternoons for early evening shenanigans!  Great deals on burgers and steak nights.  Don’t let that put you off – this joint is slicker than Justin Bieber in Ibiza.


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