The Bathers’ Pavilion is an iconic building overlooking Balmoral Beach. The view of Middle Harbour is everything!

When I lived in Sydney, the restaurant served as a home away from home. Lunch, breakfast, cocktail or dinner! I loved going there because I was awkwardly single, working hideous hours and had to dine alone when I couldn’t be bothered to cook.

Married with the beach, it has a breezy, chilled atmosphere.  You will find a six-stool bar that serves cocktails, and also acts as a divide for the two different dining experiences.  On one side you will find a casual café and the other side a gorgeous restaurant. The Bathers’ Pavilion has a European feel throughout, high ceilings, shabby chic furnishings and a wacky Maître d’.  Serge Dansereau puts a European culinary twist on the seasonal menu.

Side note, there is also a gorgeous little snack shop tucked into the side of the building for beach goers!



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